Juniper Jammery’s Orange & Orange Jalapeno marmalades reviewed… we be jammin

Juniper Jammery Marmalades

Juniper Jammery Zesty Orange, Zesty Jalapeno Orange & Grapefruit Marmalades

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a couple marmalades made by Juniper Jammery (JJ), a small family owned business. (Read more about them :

The 2 I have tried so far are the Zesty Orange and the Zesty Orange Jalapeno

Orange Marmalade

Due to my busy schedule, I find myself eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After receiving my tasters, I switched out the Jelly with JJ’s Orange Marmalade. Now Im no marmalade connoisseur, however, I can say that I have eaten my fare share of marmalades, jams and jellys and Juniper Jammery’s Zesty Orange is delicious… The consistency (now I am trying to sound like a connoisseur) is near perfect, spreadable but not too light. The marmalade is full of orange flavor, to put it simply Juniper Jammery made my Peanut Butter and Marmalade sandwich refreshing

Orange Jalapeno Marmalade

This was just as tasty as the Zesty Orange however, it didn’t have as much kick as I thought it would. Still a great tasting marmalade, full of Orange flavor and just as refreshing. Maybe my next order will have a litte more kick.


All in all Juniper Jammery’s marmalades are great tasting and refreshing. Leonardo Divinci was quoted as saying “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. If that were true, with 5 ingredients, all of which are 100% natural… its fair to say “Juniper Jammery Orange Marmalade is the ultimate sophistication”. (ok, a little over the top… bottom line, good marmalade).

Here is a link to their site


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